Old Tree Winter Brews Selection


Old Tree Winter Brews Selection


This is a medium sized selection box of some of our finest winter drinks.

6 diverse Old Tree gifts to give or 5 diverse botanical brews to enjoy, and a bottle of apple cider vinegar!

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This selection includes:

1 x 500ml Turmeric Kefir – probiotic sparkling tonic with the full powers of fermented turmeric and black pepper

1 x 750ml Old Tree Kombucha – our unbelievably refreshing Senscha green tea kombucha

1 x 750ml Rosemary & Rosehip Kombucha – our seasonal special Kombucha with 100% Sussex foraged botanicals

1 x 250ml Beet Kvass - organic and savoury fermented beetroot super drink

1 x 250ml Botanical Shrub - gourmet ACV and Thyme Honey cordial made with 21 botanicals

1 x Apple cider vinegar - our delicious community apple harvest, Brighton & west country cider apple vinegar with the mother

Please note, alcohol will only be delivered to the person named on the credit card used for payment. We operate a 'challenge 25 policy', you may be asked to provide ID upon delivery/collection in order to receive your drinks.