We are a botanical brewery in Brighton, making the most exciting low alcohol and soft drinks for people and planet.

We combine brewing and gardening, forest farming and fermentation to create the most nourishing and colourful botanical drinks throughout the seasons.

Old Tree Drinks

Our brews, made with live cultures and natural fermentation, offer more delicious and locally-made alternatives to mass-produced drinks.

Old Tree Brewery exists to regenerate land and reconnect people to nature through micro-husbandry (harnessing the beneficial powers of microbes) and agro-ecology (farming with ecological intelligence).

We ferment to support the emerging networks for regenerative agriculture – composting and foraging to build community and cultural resilience in response to climate change.

Our longterm plan is to establish the worlds first networked brewery to spread food-forestry and fermentation for health and earth repair.

We make living drinks for living soil, where the profits from the sale of our live botanical brews are invested into healing the living world.

Our vision is for a planet where the beneficial powers of plants and microbes are harnessed for social, ecological and economic good – a brewery that operates like an old tree. .

#oldtreedrinks provide a delicious way to restore your own biodiversity (your micro-biome) whilst helping the earth’s biodiversity to recover (through the spreading of forest gardens that our ingredients come from and the compost that we make to close the loop).

Ordering our drinks online and coming to collect them from our central Brighton brewing HQ is the best way to support Old Tree at present. PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry to announce that we are no longer shipping drinks to London due to losses incurred through all of the main delivery providers over the past year. We are supplying Brighton and Sussex and can arrange electric bike or van delivery as appropriate. Please order and then contact us separately if you would like delivery south of London. It is only on shipments via London that we are have experienced this issue.

Before we can open source our project, to network botanical nano-breweries for the revival of fermentation and local harvest culture we need to make our localised drink supply more established in Brighton. The challenge is to find the scale for of production that is small enough to be socially and ecologically beneficial whilst also economically sustainable. This journey of discovery is where we are right now

We are right by St. Peters Church.. Between there and the shop Easy Hours, left of the Richmond Pub - in the basement of the building named “Yachtwerks”. We are Open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6pm. Give us a call to arrange a collection outside of these times and you can always make an order HERE. Thank you!