Carbon Sequestration

“People often think that there are two ways of doing things. One is by returning to a life of drudgery, the other is by throwing fossil fuels at it. Permaculture offers a third way of doing things, and that is by design.” – Patrick Whitefield, 1949 - 2015

We have been inspired by the work of Soil-Carbon-Regeneration to work with wood-fuel as a means to provide our production energy in this age of peak oil. Our focus here is a form of that has received the least recognition and investment for the benefits it offers, as far as we can see. This energy stream is (waste) wood gasification for the creation of climate-stabilising (bio)charcoal, or bio-char, as a bi-product of all heat creation and use.

With heat we can preserve the nutrients and flavours of all kinds of fruit and veg that we are increasingly able to acquire as waste or surplus from outlets supplying urban markets. Our operations, (outside of established kitchens) will be powered by wood-gasifying, charcoal producing heating and cooling systems. The stoves are designed to burn all of the gases in wood fuel that are normally emitted into the air as waste to produce extremely efficient heat and give stabilised Carbon (charcoal) as a yield.

Storing carbon in the form of bio-char made by our future heating systems would not be effective without its application through forestry practices. Adding charcoal to soil through the gardening initiatives we plan to expand will build soil, safely store carbon, reduce the need for watering crops and optimise energy use for the future. Faced with this economy's total dependence on the continued exploitation of earth's fossil fuels, we are focusing on spreading tangible alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels, which can grow limitlessly to build soil and generate energy as the fossil economy contracts.