Psychedelic Society

Bringing It All Back Home
A Psychedelic Social - bring a dish to share

Tickets: £5, purchase online. 

Psychotropic substances have often been subject to prohibition or control by state, church and corporation. How does this affect the nature of the substances themselves, and our relationship to them? What would it mean to reclaim the production and control of what we take into our bodies - to bring it all back home? 

This Psychedelic Social will explore the knotty questions of individual liberty around drugs. Along the way, we'll hear tales of herbal alcoholic brews, psychedelic self-sufficiency, cognitive liberty and the Medicinal Cannabis Bike Tour. 

Enjoy Old Tree's specially curated herbal drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in the fine company of the Psychedelic Society of Brighton. Please bring a dish (preferably prepared by you) to share with others.

For your delectation:
~ 'They're making my drugs all scientific!' with Dr Jonathan Newman
Anthropological Investigator Jonathan Newman's chance encounter with a charity bike ride in aid of medicinal cannabis cancer research led him to study how commercial drug markets create stories about our drug consumption. Through participant observation - attending cannabis trade shows while sampling the products offered to him - Jonathan explores how the meanings attached to drugs are changed and warped by the involvement of science, law and business. 
~ Psychotropic Home-Brewing with Nick Godshaw. 
The story of alcohol production in the British Isles, and its changing effects on the human mind, body and society. How can we take back alcohol production into the home once more, and rediscover long-forgotten plants that have alternative psychotropic effects?

Hosted by Kevin and Maria of the Psychedelic Society of Brighton. 

~ Nick Godshaw is co-founder and director of Old Tree Cafe & Brewery, a botanical drinks co-op that uses fermentation to invest in land regeneration projects as a tool for earth-repair. A graduate of philosophy, he thinks long and hard about things, and likes to share these things to empower and inspire!
~ Dr. Jonathan Newman is a social anthropologist whose research explores the the borders between legal and illegal economies. Jonathan asks how to breach the gulf between drug policy makers and drug producers.