Make your own foraged Gin!! With Andy Hamilton, author of Booze for Free!

Have you ever drank a gin and tonic and had a memory flash back in your mind just for an instant, the scent the taste reminding you of a walk by the river, a childhood game in the park or your Uncle Bob's back garden?  When you make your own gin you can capture your memories, the plants and herbs that are the smells of blissful afternoons with friends and loved ones. You can literally be drunk on nostalgia with this class for a glass that helps you to balance the flavours that go into your very own foraged gin. Presented by Andy Hamilton, author of Booze For Free, employed by the Botanist gin and tinkerer with booze for the last two decades enjoy an afternoon with like minded people creating something that will have you the most popular Christmas Presenter giver since the Grinch changed heart, you can't beat the gift of gin!

Followed by an Evening of boozey botanical beverages with Andy and the Old Tree brewers in the Lewes Road Drink Forest Garden at #FieldBTN

Open evening of botanical beverages co-produced by Andy and Old Tree starts from 6pm.

A choice of five cocktails inspired by the flora and fauna of Brighton and Bristol. 

The workshop runs from 3pm to 5pm and you can BUY TICKETS HERE