Welcome to Old Tree

A Botanical Drinks for Edible Landscapes Enterprise

  We make delicious, artisanal drinks from foraged ingredients. 

We are the botanical brewery of Silo, the brilliant zero-waste restaurant and pre-industrial food system in Brighton. We share a vision with Silo for higher quality food and drink through a renaissance of ecological agriculture and older methods of preparation to create a healthier world. Motivated by concern for the future of life our long-term plan is to fund the creation of drink forests on degraded land through networked, local drink enterprises. Drink forests are edible plant landscapes (and thriving ecosystems) that provide fruits and herbs to make the most nourishing and exciting drinks from throughout seasons. Please read our ethos and vision to get the bigger picture!

We are constantly working on our first demonstration Drink Forest and the evolution of our botanical fermentory that we have started at Preston Barracks on Lewes road... This long-abandoned site opposite the Mithras House Brighton University site can be found here and is the kitchen and cafe of the Field Brighton makers project.  In 2016 we plan to open Brighton's first Kefir garden! A new space to sit and enjoy plants and craft drinks on this currently desert-like strip of Lewes Road.   

We pledge to invest all our takings from drink supply into growing like an Old Tree, as this is what we stand for.

Old Trees:

"Make oxygen, sequester carbon, fix nitrogen, distill water, accrue solar energy as fuel, create complex sugars and food, create micro-climates, provide a rich habitat for many creatures, change colour with the seasons and self-replicate."