Welcome to OLD TREE 

We are an ecological brewery based in Brighton producing a unique range of small-batch, probiotic and celebration drinks.

Here is the perfect Christmas selection box of our current probiotic drinks! Click on the image below for more details, or go to SHOP to see our other products. Our range of drinks on offer is growing and evolving into 2018, so please keep an eye out!

For orders or any other enquiries, please get in touch:

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We make drinks with the seasons, foraging ingredients and growing as much as we can. Our focus is on probiotic and celebration drinks that make the best use of abundant and wild plants. Inspired by this book, our long-term plan is to revive and open source the forgotten secrets of ancient fermentation for a widespread re-connection with healing plants.


We organize harvest festivals, where we practice and share skills in fermentation, foraging, edible landscaping and micro-husbandry. Micro-husbandry is the emerging focus of Old Tree, which means 'harnessing the beneficial powers of microbes'. Working with micro-organisms is the art of both brewing and gardening. Elderflowers, Rosehips, Sea-buckthorn, Blackberries, Hawthorns, Apple, Elderberries and Nettle are just a few shades of the hedgerow rainbow that we enjoy producing incredible drinks from. The more we are able to brew and grow, the more we aim to grow and harvest!


For health and enjoyment and to rediscover the rich heritage we all share in the art and science of fermentation with plants. We see the revival of local fermentation culture as central to creating a healthier and less wasteful food and drink system. Many of the health problems we face, both as people and planet can be solved through a wider-spread understanding and harnessing of the beneficial properties of plants and micro-organisms.


Old Tree brewing is about creating local abundance by restoring life to soil and nurturing forest based food systems. Composting everything used in food-production and using it as fertilizer for local edible landscapes we can achieve higher and more nutritional yields of everything we value. By making and spreading compost as mulch – we create the conditions for soil micro-organisms to thrive which help plants thrive which improves the quality of our ingredients and the health of our biosphere.

Have a read of our vision to get the bigger picture.