We combine brewing and gardening with forest farming and fermentation. Producing drinks that are probiotic for our gut and compost that is probiotic for the soil.

Probiotic essentially means feeding the life that feeds us. The complex eco-systems of micro-organisms that make up most of our bodies, as modern science is constantly revealing – our Microbiome.

 Our production is based around fermentation and composting. We want the human scale application of these processes to transform our food system for a sustainable future.

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Our goal is to become the worlds first networked nano-brewery by building co-creative networks of brewers and gardeners / fermenters and farmers. We are designing a wiki (collaboratively edited encyclopedia) for all the wisdom we have accumulated in botanical drinks and edible landscapes to be shared through and we hope this will become the basis of a global community for fermentation revival.

An early design of the Wiki by Eloise Alder, 2015.