Turmeric Kefir 750ml


Turmeric Kefir 750ml


Handcrafted in central Brighton, Old Tree Turmeric Kefir is a revitalizing tonic with a delicate citrus flavour, complimented by earthy tones of Turmeric.

A low alcohol probiotic tonic soda with black pepper to activate the natural benefits of curcumin.

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Old Tree water kefir is a live drink made with fresh citrus and vine fruits, fermented for 7 days.

Known as nature’s probiotic soda water kefir is a live cultured drink originating in the ancient trading towns of the Caucasus mountains.

This drink is the original recipe made with charcoal filtered water, secondary fermented with organic turmeric powder to give the orange colour and earthy turmeric flavour.

Please note with caution:

Kefir is a live drink - packed full of beneficial microbes which are the source of its vitality and carbonation. This means that the drink will continue to ferment if stored at room temperature and may become to fizzy on opening. To avoid spillage and inconsistency in the sweetness of the product, please store the bottle cold before serving.

Please note, alcohol will only be delivered to the person named on the credit card used for payment. We operate a 'challenge 25 policy', you may be asked to provide ID upon delivery/collection in order to receive your drinks.