Mix Box 3 x 750ml


Mix Box 3 x 750ml

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This is a limited edition probiotic mix box special.

3 super drinks brewed in Brighton..

1 x Beet Kvass

Traditional Ukrainian tonic showcasing full power of Beetroots and fermentation.

Deep red, salty, satisfyingly savory, slightly sweet and gently effervescent.

Organic Beetroots from Barcombe nurseries, fresh ginger root, Norman rock salt and charcoal filtered water.

1 x Turmeric Kefir

Citrus and raison water kefir.

A probiotic tonic soda with Turmeric and black pepper to unleash curcumin.

1 x Old Tree Kombucha

The best kombucha in Brighton, apple and peach flavours from slow fermentation with whole leaf teas and natural carbonation

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