Live drinks box 5 x 500ml


Live drinks box 5 x 500ml


A mixed box of our main live brews – Kombucha and fruit Kefir.

The current seasonal flavours are Forest Garden Fruit Kefir and we also have Turmeric in stock for a winter boost.

The Forest Garden Fruit Kefir is a mouth watering infusion of steam-juiced silver berries, also known as autumn olives – a pioneer plant in all forest gardens for there ability to fix nitrogen and provide excellent windbreak hedges whilst giving a large harvests of sweet and tangy red-silver berries.

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Our Water Kefir drinks are known as nature's probiotic soda - a lightly fermented vine-fruit infused lemonade. A probiotic tonic for anytime of day or night. All of the low alcohol fermented Old Tree drinks we supply also make exceptional mixers in cocktails.

Old Tree Kombucha known for its well-balanced full flavour, delicately floral with a tangy, appley sweetness. Best enjoyed as a low alcohol option at social events, or as a digestive aid with a meal, it also makes an incredible cocktail mixer with both gin and rum.

Just make the order and drop us an email us with the selection you want..

If we don’t receive an email with a specific selection from you we’ll prepare –

1 x Forest Garden Fruit Kefir 500ml

1 x Turmeric Kefir 500ml

1 x citrus Kefir 500ml

2 x Old Tree Kombucha 500ml

The drinks will be ready to collect or ship on the next working day.

Please note, alcohol will only be delivered to the person named on the credit card used for payment. We operate a 'challenge 25 policy', you may be asked to provide ID upon delivery/collection in order to receive your drinks.