Scaling out over scaling up

"If we’re not spending enough time in the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of community we begin to match the rhythm of the machine."  - anon

We live at a moment of transitions between worlds and the transition must be full of joy to succeed. For this reason, we plan to involve people both in our production and through land regeneration projects that our drink production will fund & feed. We do not plan to become brewers or gardeners that become servants to giant machines. There is no wealth but life, and that includes ours!

We want to prove that efficiency doesn't have to come with the loss of creativity and connection to place or other.  We want to create cultures of production populated by connected & contented people and we want to create thousands of part time jobs in a smaller (but more local and direct) industry scale of production – as opposed to the status quo of over-worked full time staff on salaries (without any time to actually enjoy the whole world that surrounds them or follow their own path through it). We know from the way advanced ecosystems (such as a forest or meadow) flourish that such transition is inevitable - that in nature collaboration and creativity constantly win out over competition and repetition to create the conditions for greater diversity and resilience to emerge.

Aligned with this we plan to invest in human scale equipment for all the brewing operations and have them installed as close as possible to the drinks point of consumption, always keeping haulage to a minimum. We want to be able to create jobs that create health – driving barrels of drink to a nearby pub on a pedal powered rickshaw (and having rickshaws everywhere)  for example, and not the kind of jobs that deplete our inner and outer worlds today - involving lorries and gigantic machines.