Plant and tree solutions

"The Whole Earth is the True human Body" – Dogen Zenji

We want to inspire a widespread re-connection to the earth and the variety of life that sustains us, with new vision of how we can all encourage and co-exist with biodiversity.

We know that the kingdom of plants contains so many of the answers to the problems we face and that a great deal of innovation comes from the study of plants.

We see the alarming rainforest destruction happening around the world as a symptom of a disconnected people, who have forgotten the value of the plant world that makes their existence possible. Many health problems in all areas (society, economy, ecology) would be alleviated if people reconnected with plants through a growing culture. It is unacceptable that the study of plants as their own kingdom – from Botany to Horticulture and Agronomy, is not part of our mainstream education curriculum in the U.K.

The evidence is out that industrial chemical agriculture is not only polluting water ways and exacerbating global warming with excessive methane production and carbon emissions, but that it is also reducing the quality of our food. 

The way we see it, if we can have a fast food restaurant on every street corner then we can have this many gardens too. We can create gardens everywhere using the nutrient flows (compostable materials) that we are currently wasting. These gardens can grow most of what we need, from food to medicine and building materials, whilst providing beauty and environmental health at the same time.  We plan to build our drinks business upon these edible landscapes, in the future selling the drinks, with the appropriate scale equipment to make and supply them, alongside the plants to be grown locally and provide a legacy for Old Tree and future generations.