Meet the Trees


THE OLD TREE TEAM of FieldBTN, 2015 – 2017,

(from left to right...)

Douglas Mcmaster

Doug is the founder of the award winning restaurant Silo and thanks to a well time planetary alignment event where a baker encouraged us to give him Elderflower Champagne just before Silo landed from the future in Brighton – we set up as professional brewers alongside visionary chefs in the Silo basement of dreams. We have brewed all the botanical drinks for Silo since we joined forces to fight for space ship Earth with food and drink in 2014!

William Neame
Multiple award winning beer maker. Head of Due Diligence and Captain Safety. Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast farmer. Previous head brewer of Old Dairy Brewery. Connoisseur of all the pleasant flavours in the rainbow and beyond. Will has stepped down from Old Tree Head-brewship for the time being to travel new paths and make documentaries about Kombucha cultures beyond our perception but will still be part of our root system.

Amy Brangwyn
Queen of gastronomy, cosmic-truth teller and magical host of our late-hour Rathskeller. Never a taste-bud goes unimpressed when she’s stirring her cauldron of vegan delight. You’ll also find her talking to the plants…our very own Dr Donibble.

Connie van Helfteren
Connie is an Edible Landscape tycoon we discovered turning compost into veg boxes at the University of Brighton. She started brewing with us immediately and has been queen of glean, hedgerow superstar, social media heroine and goddess of pots, pans & Elderflower drinks ever since!

Eve Jones
Head Brewess, original-gravity defier, she moves through outer-space propelled by inter-galactic bubbles. Her SCOBY science is second to none. Find her in the lab chasing the golden ABV.. or in the garden climbing the oldest tree!

Nicholas Godshaw
Co-founder of Old Tree, Head of sprouting seeds and General Director of Treasure. Experienced cultivator of Kefir, Kombucha and Kvass. Shelf and life-maker. All round on the ground tap-root and fruit juice. Also renowned for his ability to turn water into wine.

Harry Abel
Better known as Harry Appleseed, chief purveyor of mead-soaked melodies and giant turtle conservation. Harry is our very d'Artagnan, the protector of the kingdom of brewers armed with his yeast and his fiddle. Head of sound and cinema, he often resides in our workshop of infinite-imagination, whittling his next invention out of the fabric of space-time itself.

Molly Mae Mitten
Molly is the Old Tree dance brigade. Apprentice brewer and future wiki illustrator. She brings joy to Old Tree cafe and day dreaming is a refreshing reminder to us all not to rush through life.

Tricia Enns
Dancing queen. Tricia brought her strong organizations skills, events organizing and ability and openness to jump into any situation. A constant reminder that life is too short not to laugh. 

Jo Coliano
Mechanic, visionary, perennial gardener and chief solar fridge engineer! Jo has been part of Old Tree from our humble beginnings in abandoned industrial estate recycling bottles to fill with cider.

Thomas Daniell
Galactic seed of Old Tree. Eco-worrier from the universe of sustainable design. Elderflower inspired food & drink forest network fermenter, plant believer, animal mask maker, and chaser of edible hedge-funds.


JJ Coates
Ginger bug tamer and chief of online mycelial networks. Doodlebug, mead maker and all-round fermentation fan. Purveyor of good vibes and tasty botanical treats. JJ has since moved to Vancouver to spread the Old Tree seed!



      First Old Tree brewers > From Left to Right: William Neame, Nicholas Godshaw & Thomas Daniell                                                                                                     (JJ in apple)

      First Old Tree brewers > From Left to Right: William Neame, Nicholas Godshaw & Thomas Daniell

                                                                                               (JJ in apple)