Open Source Restoration Agriculture

"It was here i first saw how the wastelands of the earth could be restored by the full flowering of ourselves." - Charlotte Du Can

From years of volunteer land work we have learnt that it is not easy to grow food and make livelihoods from the land in this age of fossil fuels. We've learnt that compost and soil nutrition are fundamental to producing quality food and plant life, and  we've learnt that when people produce compost and compost produces plants - the results are local abundance and greater community.

We need to assist in the natural process of regenerating the biological commons and to protect the vital ecosystems (that create the fertile soil and clean air and water) which remain, to survive on this planet. We're greatly inspired by the project Farm Hack - an existing globally open sourced community for resilient agriculture. And websites such as perennial plant wiki's already in action that can begin to facilitate relearning of the ways of living in harmony with nature that have been lost.

We plan to build up a following and develop an online book/blog with multiple contributors โ€“ to open source all Old Tree innovations and break-throughs in appropriate technology for networked, small-scale, restoration agriculture. We plan for the food-forest drink supply to fund our practice of giving knowledge and designs away for free, as the only way to accomplish vital ecological recovery and continue to feed the growing human population is for the small scale farming and growing culture itself to regenerate land all around the world.