The sale of our brews support our mission to regenerate land and reconnect people to nature with forest farming and fermentation.

We ferment to support the emerging networks for regenerative agriculture – composting and foraging to build community and cultural resilience in response to climate change.

We make living drinks for living soil, where the profits from the sale of our live botanical brews are invested into healing the living world. We want to grow horizontally (like fungi in a forest) at the right scale for communities to flourish so that the more small breweries we can establish the more community gardens can be nourished.

Our vision is for a planet where the beneficial powers of plants and microbes are harnessed for social, ecological and economic good – a brewery that operates like an old tree.

Old Trees:

"Make oxygen, sequester carbon, fix nitrogen, distill water, accrue solar energy as fuel, create complex sugars and food, create micro-climates, provide a rich habitat for many creatures, change colour with the seasons and self-replicate."