Old Tree is a brewery and a growing community.

We organize land regeneration projects and harvesting events that reconnect people to land and place. Check out the video from our 2018 Apple harvest below and join us in 2019 for Apple Land Festival.

Every year we organize Apple Land Festival to rescue as many apples from small orchards as possible by bringing people together to revive harvest culture and celebrate abundance.

We are playing a part in reconnecting people to agri-culture and reviving forest based farming.

Our mission with Apple Land is to join up the growing network of smaller scale farmers and ferment producers to find answers and share solutions to the deep social, ecological and economic challenges of our time.

Another project we are currently initiating is our first permanent Drink Forest Garden at Rock Farm in West Sussex.

A Drink Forest Garden is a self-sustaining landscape of amazing botanical plants that are all useful and edible or drinkable!

We are going to be doing carbon negative brewing and bio-fertilizer production with our roaming biomass powerstation – Terrence, the Terra-preta trailer

If you would like to get involved then come and join us! There is a minibus that leaves from One Church Brighton Gloucester Place every Friday, leaving at 9.30am and returning at 3.30pm.

Rock Farm 23.jpg

Some of the activities include:

Growing edible wild plants, building with reclaimed wood, harvesting renewable energy, and compost design and build. Drop us a line at this email address if you’re interested in getting involved – oldtreecoop@gmail.com