Commons Based Peer Production

"Avoid Guru's follow plant's" – Terrence Mckenna

Plants grow everywhere and so do we! We've evolved in close partnership with them as they've nourished and healed us throughout our history. Plants compete for light as we do but they also collaborate immensely. Underneath the soil, plants use mychorriza to share nutrients and information that increase their wellbeing and chances of survival.  

We see the knowledge that we're building around plants and edible landscapes as a form of Mycelium, a connective web..  We're committed to sharing the knowledge we gain to shift our food and drink culture towards a more sustainable realm. 

We know that real wealth, health and well-being are created by people and nature and not by the handful of gigantic non-human persons (corporations) and institutions that hold power over our global monetary system and mode of production today. We see in this society so many unmet needs and simultaneously so many unrequited gifts. Skills and talents of people (the young in-particular) that are so badly needed in society that are un-pursuable for them because they cannot be converted into money in the same way as other services. Genius that cannot be realised because it doesn't pay the rent.

Establishing as a makers co-operative we believe we can continually integrate this genius into our co-operative and network, and that constant diversification of products and services through the Old Tree can bring about greater economic resilience and growth to the business, network, crafts and practices of all involved.