Elderflower cordial

RECIPE for the Hedgerow drink of summer time! 

For 8 litres (enough for 200 drinks!) ...

Weights and measures – 

125 g of dried Elderflowers 

200 g citric acid

9KG of Sugar 

5.5 litres of water 

10 Lemons

10 limes 

n.b – Fresh Elderflowers are even better if in season – use approximately 7 times more in weight than dried Elderflowers and remove most of the green stems... 

What you need…


10 litre pan


2.5 litre Jug

Weighing scales 

measuring spoon

stirring spoon 

tasting spoon 


What to do… 

Heat Water with Elderflowers to dissolve the sugar and make a sweet sweet Tea…

Add the citric acid, get the temperature over 72 degrees celsius. 

Turn the heat off! 

Juice the lemons and limes – add the juice to the clean container(s)

Pour the cordial into the container with a funnel at 70 degrees 

Crash cool the containers in the fridge to preserve shelf life.

Serve 1 part cordial to 5 parts water for supply to any cafe, restaurant or events…

How to serve... 

1 litre makes makes 25 drinks….

Dilute with still or sparkling water 

Mixes well with Gin!