"Over consumption results from our fear of scarcity"

This article sumarizes the ideas put forward by Jeremy Rifkin in his book Zero Marginal Cost Society. 

He argues that the emergence of the collaborative commons we see exemplified by the internet is paving the way for the end of market capitalism towards a new economic system defined by sharing energy and information.

"The creation of a collaborative commons" is a big idea, that we are planning to explore with our botanical drinks fro edible landscapes. We want to feed the D.I.Y culture with all our knowledge of plants and fermentation and invite everyone to share theirs... This cumulative effect of this could be to kickstart more local production processes and sow the seeds of abundant landscapes that reduce over-consumption and production inherent in our present system. 

We are starting a wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia, with the working title – drinkforests.net 

Its a "collaboratively edited encyclopedia for plant drink revival"

We will be sending out our first seasonal newsletter when its done.

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