Beet Kvass

A simple lacto-fermented medicinal drink. It uses the natural process of fermentation to preserve and enhance the nutrients locked within the mighty beetroot. Drink it as a digestive aid or to replenish and repair your intestinal flora.

This beauty of this recipe is in it’s simplicity. There are only 2 ingredients. The simpler the recipe, the easier it is to make using surplus/waste produce. So, when you’re intercepting or urban foraging, always save the beetroot!

Makes just under 1 litre:


1.5 kg beetroot

2 teaspoons salt

Water (unchlorinated preferred)



Chopping board

2l glass jar with sealable lid

1.     Wash and scrub beetroots. Do not grate or peel, as the skin is important for the fermentation. Chop beetroots into small, different size chunks. Place all chunks into the glass jar.

2.     Sprinkle the salt into the jar.

3.     Pour enough water into the jar to fill the level 1” from the top.

4.     Seal lid and keep jar at room temperature to ferment for up to 7-days.

5.     Every day, release the lid to taste kvass and let out excess gasses. When you’re happy with the strength, pour and strain liquid into another vessel, refrigerate, and enjoy!

A tip – To start your next batch of beet kvass, leave a small amount of liquid in the jar and start the process again. The residual liquid will help to kick-start the fermentation again.