What we want this blog to be

Our vision for this blog is to open source our recipe's through it. We also want to intersperse it with all our stories and discoveries of our work with plants and landscape regeneration, to bring about more collective knowledge of brewing and growing plants, and open the field up to more innovation... We know that there are many home-brewers out there and that we are missing a collective platform through which to develop and distribute their goods, as well as keeping a record of recipes and improvements to allow the quality and effectiveness of small-scale brewing to evolve. 

The platform offered here would need to be a wiki page in its own right to open the conversation and facilitate a collaborative brewing and plant growing platform, but this is an idea whose time has come and we are looking to work with someone who can help us turn this idea into a reality.  

Please be in touch with us on Oldtreecoop@gmail.com if you think you could make this idea come true. One of our team is an illustrator who could help make the site beautiful and we would pay the creator of such a platform in a constant supply of drinks of their choosing!