Kombucha 4 x 750ml


Kombucha 4 x 750ml


Old Tree Kombucha is a fermented tonic brewed with Sencha Green Tea. Delicately floral, with a tangy, appley sweetness and champagne-like character.

Unbelievably refreshing and uplifting, with an abv. of just 1.2% this drink is enjoyable at anytime of day and night, offering rich complex flavours from the fermentation of exquisite green and black teas, without the lows of high alcohol drinks.

Deliciously sparkling, it mixes well with both rum and gin, as well as all kinds of fruit and herbal infusion.

Known in China as 'The Elixir of Immortality', Kombucha is also packed full of probiotics from a slow fermentation with its culture. Probiotics are being increasingly recognised as essential to our health by making the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in plant ingredients more bio-available for our bodies.

Whilst Kombucha may not be of health benefit to everyone, as our digestive systems are so varied – we have had good feedback from our customers that our Kombucha has helped them with both digestion and immunity.

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