Handcrafted. Small batch. Low alcohol. Live, botanical drinks.

Sencha Green Tea Kombucha

Old Tree Kombucha is known for its well-balanced full flavour, delicately floral with a tangy, appley sweetness and champagne-like character. Best enjoyed as a low alcohol option at social events, or as a digestive aid with a meal, it also makes an incredible cocktail mixer with both gin and rum.

Abv. 1.2 % | 330ml, 500ml, 750ml

Turmeric Kefir

A rich, naturally carbonated tonic, our Turmeric Kefir is brewed with a citrus kefir culture. Known as nature's probiotic soda, this is a drink to uplift and revitalize. The subtle citrus aroma is complimented by the earthy tones of turmeric. We add black pepper to every batch to activate the curcumin.

Abv. 1.2% | 330ml, 500ml, 750ml bottles


The original Old Tree classic made from the foraged flowers of British hedgerows each Summer. There could not be a better celebration drink. Citrus and elderflower combine to create a euphoria-inducing, champagne like drink that brings people together with excitement.

Abv. 5.5 % | 750ml bottles, 10 litre barrels

Old Tree Cider

Probably the most authentic cider in the world – definitely the most sustainable! This is a vintage dry cider that we make every year from the apples of a stunning orchard in Somerset. Famous varieties of cider apple such as Yarlingtons Mill are blended with a small amount of eating apples. The drink is cold-pressed with the music and laughter of volunteers at our annual apple harvest festival. 

Abv. 6% | 10 litre barrels

Elderflower Cider

An irresistible blend of Old Tree Cider and Ebulis. A well-balanced blend, dry enough for the real cider lover yet sweet enough for most palettes. Crisp and fruity with a classic cider nose and finish. This is a hugely popular drink for events and parties.

Abv. 5.8% | 500ml bottles, 10 litre barrels

"Unbelievably refreshing."

– Rob Jones, founder of Darkstar Brewery

"Recently I was diagnosed with a condition that meant I couldn't drink alcohol. As a great lover of wine and beer, this led to me feeling very depressed and unhappy - until I discovered Old Tree Kombucha. The depth and complexity of flavours in this kombucha are extraordinary. What's more, unlike high alcohol drinks this actually feels good for me when I drink it. If you love your senses and value quality, I couldn't recommend Old Tree Kombucha more highly." 

– Matthew L, Brighton

"By far the nicest kefir I have ever tasted."

– Viola, Brighton

"We were over the moon with the drinks Old Tree provided for our wedding day. A beautiful bespoke botanical mix of elderflower and honeysuckle. They listened carefully to our requests and responded with a creative product that was truly perfect and made with such wonderful attention to detail, including personalised labels for the kegs!"

– Kirsty and Harry, Brighton