The Botanical Explorer: Joseph Simcox speaks to Brighton on global plant biodiversity

Renowned ethnobotanist Joseph Simcox share his stories and knowledge of all the global food plant alternatives this planet has to offer.

Joseph has led hundreds of plant discovery adventures all around the world and shared these experiences with many audiences, but this is the first time he has spoken in the U.K.

The title of the talk is – "Global Food Plant Diversity and The Ancient Future of Feeding Humanity"

Joseph Simcox is THE Botanical Explorer of modern days. A world food plant ecologist and ethnobotanist. Joseph believes that there is a different direction that the world needs to take to ensure food security for all.  He will share his case for an agricultural revolution that will change the future of food.  Joseph intends to show why the feeding 9 billion people will be much different than most people imagine.  Joseph’s assertion is backed by decades of experience. Nature and human tradition have been his inspiration.  His pursuits of knowledge around the globe have been frenetic.  In the last 14 years he has led over 350 expeditions to the farthest flung reaches of the planet.  His motive?  To discover, document and share with the world a story: the story of man in relation to plants and food. 

Joseph has arguably tracked down and eaten more plants than anyone else on the planet.  He is also a renowned seed collector and speaks all over the world about the future of food.  He has lectured at venues across the globe and is on the beat to spread the message that the pessimistic portrayal of future food security is the gross and uneducated result of a narrow interpretation of food plant resources. Joseph speaks and writes about the past, present and future of food and contends that we are all responsible for passing on a legacy to the next generation.

     The significance of his work is inestimable; with headlines everywhere warning of the cataclysms to come due to changing climates, political instability, burgeoning populations and food shortages---- and little solace to the contraire, Joseph brings a unique and positive perspective about the future of real food security on this planet.  His message is interwoven, multidisciplinary and relevant to all.  

“Whom among us does not eat?” he asks.  And because the answer is everyone, food is , he claims, the ultimate unifier.  Strangely, the most important thing to our physical existence is also the one in which we are now in most modern societies most detached from. We, modern folk, are (in this paraphrased quote of James Sholto Douglas -author of “Alternative Foods”) “restricted to whatever foods the "food industry" sees fit to supply  us with.”  Because the vast majority of us no longer produce but a fragment of our own food, we are helplessly detached from food production, and even more sadly, from the knowledge that once was.  Joseph’s work as he defines it is one of “retrovation” - going back and rediscovering what humans once knew. Joseph introduces himself as a generalist; in a world where academics have been herded down hallways and told to specialize, Joseph argues that the bigger picture also matters and that the world desperately needs scholarly generalists to address broad, multi-disciplinary questions.   

'In our race to go forward; now it is time to take account and look back.”   

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