Closed loop production   

"In nature there is no such thing as waste. Waste is a failure of the imagination" – Douglas Mcmaster 

In the production of all Old Tree Drinks, we are aiming to eliminate single use plastics.

For the growth of Old Tree we have a bio-regional vision. 

We want to create ecologies of scale, whereby the bi-products of one industry or field are raw material for the next and the wastes of one enterprise can be fertiliser for another. 

Rather than buying in fossil-fuel gas bottles to power our production operations, we are making a bio-digester to make ourselves cooking gas and plant fertiliser from our compost from fruit pressing... In this design, we could make raw apple juice, supply half of it as raw juice whilst digesting the pulp and then use the cooking gas from the pulp to pasteurise all the remaining juice in bottles... Gaining two valuable products, one more highly nutritious, the other with lasting value in shelf-life, from just one source of energy - the apples themselves!

The energy from both bio-gas and bio-char production harness natural processes to cycle the energy embodied in the bi-products of industry back into the production process which closes the loop and reduces our dependence on fossil fuel based energies and practices that are costing the earth.

As our oceans become more acidic and the tides of plastic pollution suffocate our world, it is hard to be optimistic about our ecological future, but it is essential to be so, because only from optimism and hope does our creativity and ability to adapt to change arise from.

"There is nothing in a caterpillar, that tells you its going to be a butterfly." – R. Buckminster Fuller