We produce six of the best drinks in nature every season. Our drinks combine foraging and fermentation with imagination and creativity to nourish our senses, health and wellbeing.

Our containers are multi-use and the packaging we use is all recycled and compostable to build soil to grow more edible landscapes...

We Supply our Kombucha and Water Kefir to the best restaurants, cafe's and bars in Brighton, including Silo, The Set, Redroaster and The Plotting Parlour. We also stock Hisbe – Brighton's ethical supermarket with our acclaimed Senscha Green Tea Kombucha, reviewed here: –

Recently I was diagnosed with a condition that  meant I couldn't drink alcohol.  As a great lover of wine and beer, this led to me feeling very depressed and unhappy - until I discovered Old Tree Kombucha.  The depth and complexity of flavours in Old Tree kombucha are extraordinary and what's more, unlike the booze (nb kombucha does contain approx 1% alcohol) it actually feels good for me when I drink it. I feel energised and my gut loves it!  Sour, sweet, appley, earthy, 'rustique' are just some of the flavours you can expect in a glass - and what's particularly exciting is that each brew is different, some are soft, sweet dessert like, others rich and pungent, great with a curry or stew.  If you love your senses and value quality, I couldn't recommend Old Tree Kombucha more highly. Matthew, Brighton

You can now buy our drinks delivered to your door though our brew shop HERE!

We can supply all of the drinks on our Drink the Season's menu – published below, on a made to order basis with 1 months notice. Please contact us by email to place these orders and arrange to visit us at FIELDBTN for a free tasting!

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These drinks are available by the glass, bottle or party barrel from our Brewhouse Cafe @FIELD on Brighton's Lewes road.

Here is a list of all the drinks we have experience producing which will be part of our Drink the Seasons menu's, to be published every 2 -3 months

  • Medlar drink - soft drink made from the forgotten Medlar fruit
  • Elderflower Bubbly, made with Sea-Buckthorn over winter months
  • Nettle Beer - tropical fruit flavours from fermented fresh and dried nettles
  • Kombucha - our best-selling soft and probiotic health drink with botanical infusions by season
  • Water Kefir - our second best selling probiotic drink we can make with many fruit and plant infusions from Sea-buckthorn to Hops
  • Quince cordial and lemonade
  • Raspberry and Redcurrant cordial
  • Herbal Lemonades, e.g Chamomile Lemonade
  • Rosehip cordial - super immune boosting winter cordial & Rosehip Tonic
  • Birch-sap - This can be preserved as a syrup / natural sweetner or served fresh as a super mineral rich tonic
  • Organic Pure juice cyders and perrys (n.b take 4 -  6 months to ferment and condition)
  • Herbal Meads (n.b can take up to a year to be truly ready, depending on the honey – we can sometimes make short meads in approximately 6 weeks) 
  • Rhubarb cordial
  • Plum cordial
  • Mulled wine
  • Oak leaf wine
  • Sea-Buckthorn Water Kefir
  • Apricot champagne
  • Botanical beers